About us

The Campaign for Common Sense (CCS) exists to bring together those who want to have a grown up discussion and debate.

We will conduct research, and organise events online and across the country, involving experts in all fields and bring them to the widest possible audience. We will be champions for free speech and tolerance.

We will be asking…

  • What does diversity actually mean and does it really matter?
  • Should statues of historical figures be removed because of modern values?
  • Is there anything that we shouldn’t joke about?
  • Should the police be prioritising language on social media over fighting street crime?
  • Are schools there to teach kids what to think, or to help them think for themselves?
  • Is Britain bigger than Brexit?
  • Should people be able to speak their mind at work?
  • Does positive discrimination work?
  • What views and arguments should be banned from debates?
  • Can children consent to changing their gender?

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