The BBC’s Gender Confusion – new CCS research

Few issues arouse as much passion and fury amongst those engaged with them as those of gender identity and transgender rights.
And few institutions are as well placed as the BBC to facilitate meaningful dialogue on the issues and enable greater understanding between people and society in general.
However, as this report shows, when it comes to dealing with transgender issues, the BBC is not an impartial observer and often an active and biased participant.

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On compromise

The reaction to the report on race & ethnic disparities was shocking but not entirely unsurprising…

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Apples & Pears – new CCS research

Too many claims and conclusions about representation are made based on inappropriate comparisons or misleading statistics. Worse, they are reported and repeated uncritically by sympathetic journalists and activists. Dodgy diversity data divides us and makes things worse, not better. We’ve looked at a few examples & considered how they could have been portrayed differently.

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