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Mark Lehain
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The Campaign for Common Sense (CCS) exists to bring together those who want to have grown up discussion and debate.

We love comedy here at CCS – and we also rate so much of the BBC’s output in this regards. However, as the analysis in our latest report shows, they are failing to give exposure to comedians with a range of views and values. Put bluntly: it seems that unless you are explicitly left-leaning, anti-Brexit, or “woke”, you won’t get booked for broadcasts.

This is no good for anyone, not least comedians with different outlooks on life and TV audiences missing out on jokes they’d love. It’s unfair, and no good for the quality of programming either.

We look forward to the BBC grappling with the issue of political balance in its comedy, and ensuring A Barrel of Laughs for ALL of its audience.

Mark Lehain


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