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Barely a day goes by without a well-meaning person or organisation commenting upon the lack of diversity in some sector or another.

Of course, genuine diversity is important. Avoiding groupthink and keeping an open mind is essential if we are to avoid pitfalls, find new solutions, and perform at our best. But if we are to achieve real diversity, we need to first understand the world as it actually is – not as our prejudices might make us believe.

Alas, too many claims and conclusions about representation are made based on inappropriate comparisons or misleading statistics. Worse, they are reported and repeated uncritically by sympathetic journalists and activists. Dodgy diversity data divides us and makes things worse, not better.

So we’re offering this report – “Apples & Pears – How Dodgy Diversity Data Divides Us” – as a contribution towards encouraging everyone to be more careful in their statements & consider all the possible causes of disparities before reaching for things like racism or other forms of systemic discrimination. Good data & cautious conclusions are more likely to bring about genuine changes for the better than shrieks about injustice based on shaky stats.

Mark Lehain


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